Why The Name "The Geese Project"

Geese find support and unity by flying in the same direction together.  By flying in a V formation gives them 70% more lifting power.  With the lifting power of many wings, they feel supported by each other and this gives them a sense of community.  If one gets sick, two will go down with it until it gets better or dies and then they rejoin the group.

When the lead bird gets tired, another will take its place so that it can rest and they honk encouragement to each other.

 We thought that this was a great metaphor for our service with the lifting power of caring therapists we aim to support and encourage those that may feel alone and vulnerable by any of life’s difficulties that can be experienced through loss of health, bereavement, depression, confidence, self esteem, isolation and much more.

Together we can support, strengthen, encourage one another creating a community of care.