Victoria Claire Beyond Vision

My name is Victoria Claire and I am a Professional Artist, Retina UK Ambassador, Public Speaker and sight loss mentor and advocate. I am registered blind from an inherited retinal disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa.

I would like to share my personal experience of The Geese Project and how the counselling, therapies and aftercare have been the most valuable part of my self-development. I have been a client of The Geese Project since 2015, I have received life-changing support that has opened my life to so many opportunities, they helped me work on my limiting, negative thoughts and beliefs about myself that I had been living with for so many years.  As a blind person, one loses so much, independence, self-worth and validation. The Geese Project supported me with the tools I needed to find the self-worth, love and acceptance of my blindness. This, of course, has been a long journey to find self-acceptance, however with counselling, NLP, mindful practice and their therapeutic therapies I now have found an acceptance and love for myself and my wellbeing that I would never have found without them.  Even now I check in for sessions, they are always happy to share a continuous line of support and care.

I am a successful and celebrated professional sculptor, I have had many exhibitions all over the South East of England and Central London, this includes a solo exhibition in The House Of Commons.  I have been commissioned for sculpture work all over the world as well as in the UK. Through the advocacy work, I am involved in I am a public speaker, I speak at major sight loss conferences all over the world, where I address many hundreds of people, sharing my self-development as part of my speaking content.  Public speaking has identified the public interest and need for more holistic approaches to mental health and wellbeing, I have had many people both speak to me after conferences and also email me for mentoring as they have been so impressed with how the wellbeing approach to my situation has helped me.  As an Ambassador for the national organisation Retina UK, I support and advocate for those with sight loss. As a sight loss mentor, I work with people that have requested a more therapeutic approach much like my own journey of acceptance.